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You're Not Alone!

If you think you are the only one, you are wrong. You are not alone. Every time a victim of sexual harassment brings a charge of discrimination or a lawsuit for just compensation against an employer, it helps the next person who might avoid what you have experienced because you have made them straighten out their workplace and divested it from being a sexually hostile work environment.


  • Won $300,000+ sexual harassment settlement against Cleveland Mega Developer
  • Negotiated $100,000 settlement for office worker where owner foisted repulsive pornography on her.
  • Brought discrimination case against the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority that not only resulted in money damages for my client, but also resulted in a court-ordered system-wide change in promotions and job descriptions.
  • Represented hundreds of victims over the last 33 years bringing relief to Ohio workers whose workplace rights were violated.

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Years of

Dennis Niermann has over 33 years of trial court experience

Dennis is an Ohio Certified Employment Law Specialist with a practice focused on sexual harassment and has been representing employees for 33 years.

"I can represent individuals who have been sexually harassed before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and State or Federal Court. I have been successful at prosecuting and resolving cases against sexual harassers and the companies for whom they work. "

"I always encourage my clients to make sure they say something right away. If you don't report the event through your company's normal process, you may hurt your case. If they don't have a process in place or you still have questions, call me and I'll take it from there!"

You are not the one that should be ashamed


  • Trusted Integrity

    Sex Harassment cases require integrity and experience. Dennis will fight for you!

  • Supportive Attitude

    You've already been harmed, you need someone like Dennis to provide legal and moral support through the fight.

  • Partners in the Fight

    One Federal judge calls the litigation process a full contact sport. Dennis will be at your side until the fight is completely over.


Our business is built on the highest ethical standards.

In our over 33 years in business, hundreds of people have trusted their lives and livelyhood to Dennis Niermann, and he hasn't let them down.

  • Principle 1 - You are NOT the one who should be ashamed! The harasser is the one who should be ashamed and together we will pursue him (her) relentlessly.
  • Principle 2 - We will always tell you truthfully our educated evaluation of your case as to merits and as to value.
  • Principle 3 - Cases can resolve quickly or slowly. In any case we are with you for the long haul!


" Dennis is an amazing lawyer who puts his clients first! Kind and passionate about his work, he always lets you know your important to him and is always willing to go the extra mile for you! He won my case for me! And changed my life- I owe him a great deal. He has my full love and respect and I would recommend putting your trust in him and his abilities! Molly, client
" Dennis is passionate about eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace. He represents his clients with fierce determination and skill. If you've been placed in a compromising situation at work that feels even a bit uncomfortable, I highly recommend speaking with Dennis! Simone, business associate