Find out how to stop sexual harassment

If you think you are the only one, you are wrong. You are not alone. Every time a victim of sexual harassment brings a charge of discrimination or a lawsuit for just compensation against an employer, it helps the next person who might avoid what you have experienced because you have made them straighten out their workplace and divested it from being a sexually hostile work environment.

1.  Sexual harassment must be unwelcome
2.  Witnesses, Affidavits, Depositions
3.  The Ohio Civil Rights Commission
4.  Emotional Distress Damages
5.  Damages
6.  Timing deadlines regarding sexual harassment
7.  Sexual Harassment and Social Media
8.  Same Gender
9.  Severe Or Pervasive
10.  Mitigation Of Damages
11.  Record Keeping
12.  Quid Pro Quo
13.  Hostile Work Environment
14.  No case if welcome
15.  You are not alone
16.  You are not the one that should be ashamed
17.  Sexual Harassment Legal Advice